Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse

Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse

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Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse
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Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse Overview

A new online 3D Fighting game is ready to appear here on our website. The Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse game is ready and you will see how in this new challenge, you will manage to gain a lot of points, because dear kids this is a new street fight game with an apocalypse theme.

This is a new online game for boys, in which you have to stay focused and make sure that you will be able to reach the end of the game by defeating all of your opponents. This is not an ordinary street fight game, because you can see that a new apocalypse has started in this new 3D game, and you will have to work hard and make sure that you put an effort to try and stop the apocalypse.

You will be dressed in an apocalyptic outfit like you see in the movies, with a big bag on their back that is filled with supplies, warm clothes and protective ones in order to defeat the sun burns. You dear friends will see that there are different 3D characters or 3D fighters that you can choose for your avatar, and they will have a different force or abilities that you can use.

The first level is just a first glimpse of what's to come forward, and you dear friends will have to work hard and see that you can gain points by making sure that you can learn the keys which are pretty simple. You will see that the arrow keys on the keyboard are used to move from left to right, up and down.

The space key is used to jump over obstacles or different dangers that are going to appear in your way. Z,X,C are action keys that are used to punch, kick or pick up weapons on the ground, and you will see how much fun you can have a great time and see that in this new game for kids, you will be able to see that you will win the street fights and finish the apocalypse. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the ARROW and SPACE, X, Z, C keys to play.

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