Mass Madness

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What is Mass Madness?

Mass Madness
The future riots are getting closer, you are part of a revolution and you must make chaos in the city! You are transported to a random location with a weapon in your hand, ready to cause chaos! You have a mission to kill a random number of enemies, you can do this by using your weapon to explode stuff.

You get off of the helicopter and start blowing stuff up. You can kill civilians that are on the street but you can also destroy cars that have more people in them. Destroying buildings will kill more people thus helping you reach the goal of your mission, faster.

There are multiple weapons at your disposal, you have the bazooka that shoots an explosive bullet. You also have a bomb to blow stuff up, mines to place down for people to walk into and a detonator to kill everyone, including yourself, in the area. You also have a gun that you can shoot civilians with and a jetpack to help you fly on the stage.

Before each level, you can upgrade your weapons, once you upgrade a weapon, it will either:
  • Give you more ammo so you can shoot multiple times.
  • Upgrade the level so it makes the weapon more powerful.
Are you ready to cause mass madness? Play to find out!

How to play?

WASD to move; Space to attack; Use the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 to switch weapons. On mobile use the touch buttons.

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