Join & Clash

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What is Join & Clash?

Join & Clash
Two unknown forces meet in this game. Come discover them and fight them. Join & Clash is a 3D game that will train your thinking so that you can think logically and in more engaging situations.

Two forces will fight in this game to save the princess who is trapped in a tower in a castle. She was abducted by an unknown force, colored in pink. Now, your mission is to make your own army so that you can fight all the enemies that appear along the way. Make your gang as big as possible so that the forces of evil do not have power in front of you.

In order to form your team, you will have to gather the characters on the road and try to keep them so that, in the end, your gang level will be as high as possible. But be careful on the route, because you will encounter obstacles that can kill all the characters you have gathered in your gang on the spot. In the end, the entrance to the castle will be the most enemies, so keep as many fighters as possible in the end to save the princess.

We hope you enjoyed this game and we invite you to discover more on our site. Enjoy it.

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How to play?

use the mouse