Cup Pong Challenge

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What is Cup Pong Challenge?

Cup Pong Challenge
Cup Pong is one of the most popular party games in the entire world, but now that we can't really attend parties in real life, the best next thing we could do is play a game such as Cup Pong Challenge online, a game we have now shared with you in order to bring you the joys we've had playing it, and we really hope you make it a priority to try it out!

The rules of Cup Pong online

In this game, you start off by having one opponent, and then you will unlock two more against whom you can compete. Each of you has a set of cups in front of you, filled with soda, and the player that has drunk all their cups first becomes the loser, so try not to let yourself become that, but become the winner instead.

To make your opponent drink all their cups you have to shoot ping pong balls in them, something you do by using the mouse to swipe in the direction you want to throw the ball, simple as that. Try to get it in the cups instead of having wide or narrow misses. You and the computer will take turns in throwing the ping pong balls.

Good luck to everyone here, and if you are up for it, try more ability games on our website and keep the fun going strong!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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