Jumper Starman

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What is Jumper Starman?

Jumper Starman
There are few jumping games online on the internet as exciting to play and have fun with as is the case right now and here with the addition of Jumper Starman, an arcade game filled with activities for you to enjoy, where you go into space as well, so you really have all the ingredients for one really and awesome fun time!

Learn how to jump in space!

Before you start playing, choose the level of difficulty you think is suited for you the best, which should reflect your time played on this game and your experience with it. You will be an astronaut from the future with a very special spacesuit, and you have to jump around the platforms at each level, trying to get as high up as possible.

The more you jump, try to collect stars and get lots of points, hit the bombs and the missiles but don't get hit by them instead, and try not to fall back to the ground too often. Some of the platforms you have can aid you in jumping higher, but some of them will not give you any boost. There can also be power-ups that appear, and if you grab them, you can have both better offensive and defensive abilities.

Good luck to all of you who will play this game right now and be hungry for space, and we hope to see you around since it would be a shame not to play even more of our crazy new games of the day!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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