Slime Rush TD 2

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Slime Rush TD 2
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What is Slime Rush TD 2?

Slime Rush TD 2

It's always a good idea to play high-quality tower defense games online on our website, especially since we are the only ones who make sure that only the best of the best are being brought over for you here, just as we are about to prove to you right at this moment when you get to have the most fun possible with Slime Rush TD 2!

Defend your kingdom from the slime creatures!

This game is divided into multiple levels, levels, where your goal is always to defend your kingdom from the waves of slime creatures that are coming towards it to attack it, and the way that you defeat them, is by placing defensive towers along their paths, which will then attack and prevent them from reaching your base.

Of course, this means that each level of the game is more difficult than the one before it, and the waves of slimes get bigger and stronger, so you need to create better strategies, with the most important aspects being where you place your towers, and how often you can upgrade them.

The towers can be upgraded if you use the money you earn from successful campaigns, and some power-ups might also appear at times, with us definitely recommending grabbing and use them. The towers also come in different options, so use the ones you think will help you the most to win! Good luck, and we wish you victory!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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