Protect Emojis

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What is Protect Emojis?

Protect Emojis

The emojis need protection in one of the best new puzzle games with drawing online that we offer you for free on our website right at this moment, a game that you can also play on mobile devices such as phones or tablets, so wherever you are, try it out for a really fun time!

Let's Protect the Emojis online!

There will be a tunnel somewhere on the top of the screen, and one or more emojis down below. Use the mouse to draw points and circles all around the emojis, creating a barrier. Make it as tight and secure as possible, because after that, the tunnel will shoot balls from it, and if it hits the emojis, you lose. If it doesn't, you win.

Try getting 3 out of 3 stars from each level, no matter how hard the later stages become, as we have faith that all the kids and adults playing games on our website are always ready for challenges!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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