Castle Raid 3D

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Castle Raid 3D
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What is Castle Raid 3D?

Castle Raid 3D

Castle Raid 3D is an action-packed game with war and strategy elements, as its title should obviously tell you already, where we are sure that your skills with the mouse as well as your observation skills will lead your stickman army towards victory, as you try raiding and taking over one castle after another, through the multitude of challenging and really fun levels of this game!

Let's go on a Castle Raid 3D online!

Your army of blue stickmen sits behind a wall of grass, and they can only move forward if you cut down the grass to clear a path for them, which they will automatically take, march towards the enemy's castle, and fight with the red stickmen, enemies you need to defeat and then move past over to clear the level.

Try directing your troops in such a way that they move through multipliers such as X2 or additions such as +10 so that you gain more soldiers, since having a bigger army will definitely help you be more successful in your mission. Avoid any parts of the road that decrease your number, you might lose if that happens.

So, yellow spots are good to go through, while red ones should be avoided at all costs. Good luck, we wish you simply the best, and hope that you stick around for more fun to come today and every day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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