Tasty Jewel

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What is Tasty Jewel?

Tasty Jewel

Tasty Jewel is here to once again show you that match 3 games are unbeatable as classic puzzle games for kids and adults alike to enjoy all across the world, even more so if they are with candy, as is the case right now, hence the title of this simple game we now wish to present you all with!

Let's match Tasty Jewels!

With the mouse you are going to swap the tasty jewels and candy with one another, using this method to form rows of at least three identical ones in a line, horizontal or vertical, and doing so gains you points as you eliminate them. Eliminate the ones in your target, all of them, using the granted number of moves to finish said stages.

If you can make extra points, even better, and know that you can get from one to three stars per level, depending on your performance, so always aim for the full trio. Good luck, we wish you the best, as always, and hope to see you some more today and every day, new games are always just around the corner!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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