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What is is a new hypercasual game in 3D which is also an io multiplayer game all at the same time, so we really hope that you are willing to give it a chance right at this moment, since it allows you to try and become as tall as possible, something only possible through gaming, and we bet you will find it very fun and exciting!

How tall can you get with online?

You are thrown in an arena with other players, each of you with a stickman of a different color, and you need to use the mouse to move around and grab the tiles with the same color as yours to get bigger and taller, and have a bigger number above your head than the other players do.

Do it in order to grow bigger in height than them, and then smash through them to have them eliminated, because the last one standing wins. Gates with multipliers and additions also appear, so go through them and use them, but avoid the bad gates that make you smaller or the tiles of other colors.

Each new battle that you win takes you to a more difficult one, but more fun too, so good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here for a second, since more fun is guaranteed to arrive shortly after!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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