Retro Karate: The Epic Adventure

Retro Karate: The Epic Adventure

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Retro Karate: The Epic Adventure
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Retro Karate: The Epic Adventure Overview


Retro Karate: The Epic Adventure is precisely what the title suggests that it is, which is an action-packed adventure filled with epic fights where you get to do the battle using karate techniques, in an easy manner, of course, since this is a game, so you need not worry about not having ever done it before, you are still going to have an absolute blast, we promise, so allow us to tell you more insights into the game!

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As your Karate fighter runs forward on the pixelated course, use the up arrow key to jump and do a fly kick, and use the down arrow key to do a slide kick, alternating between them to hit your enemies, which can be humans, and even animals, while also using these movements to avoid the obstacles you encounter.

If you get hit instead, by enemies or obstacles, you lose a life, so be careful not to lose all the lives you have, or you lose the game. New lives in the shape of hearts can be picked up along the way using the same movements. Good luck, we wish you the best, and really hope to see you around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the up and down arrows.

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