Skibidi is in trouble

Skibidi is in trouble

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Skibidi is in trouble
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Skibidi is in trouble Overview


Skibidi is in Trouble is a game that we had to have added right at this moment on our website since this meme character is getting quite a boost in the world of online gaming, where he keeps getting featured more and more, and we're sure that you will enjoy this new hyper casual game to feature it, which we will now explain more about so that you can give it your very best!

Skibidi is in trouble, so help out!

This game is a skill and action game with shooting elements, all in a puzzle environment, one that is set in 3D, so we are sure that we have already got you hooked on why this game is a must-play!

Use the mouse or touch controls to drag and release your warrior with a sword towards the human toilet character, having to hit them all with the limited number of shots you have to finish the level.

If you do not achieve that, and they are still standing, without you having shots to be made, you lose. Each new level gets harder than the last, but more fun as well, so start right now, enjoy the game to the fullest, and maybe invite your friends along for the ride as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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ЯЮниор - школа программирования

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