Soul Snatcher

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What is Soul Snatcher?

Soul Snatcher

Soul Snatcher is a new hypercasual action game online in 3D we now invite you to play, both on computers or mobile devices, where we've had tons of fun start from finish ourselves, it is a game with stealth elements where you become an assassin, but not the regular one, but more of a mystical one, about which we will now tell you more about!

Become hell's most skilled Soul Snatcher online!

With the mouse or finger, you tap where you want to go, and if you swipe, you can use a teleportation power but know that once you've used it, you need to wait for a few seconds to use it again.

The goal is to move through each location without getting seen by monsters and enemies, but instead, get behind them and snatch their souls away by killing them.

Do so to all the foes in a level to clear it, and know that in the next one you have even bigger enemies to face off against, as the levels get harder, but we promise they also get more fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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