Super One Level

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What is Super One Level?

Super One Level

Super One Level is a game that tells a story of a prison escape, one with stickmen, but one that is repeated through the same level layout multiple times, with new changes being added from one to another, and you need to figure out how to pass them, something we will now explain, so you can begin having all the fun in the world right away!

Let's complete the Super One Level online!

Use the arrows for moving and jumping, as you need to avoid dangers such as spikes, fires, and other traps and obstacles like that, but instead, go for the key, grab it, open up the door, and escape to the next level. Pull the lever and pres buttons if required to activate platforms of various kinds, so that you get your keys.

Each new stage gets more difficult, as new elements get added to the same level, but we are sure that our visitors will be focused enough to do a great job and have as only here is possible, where we invite you for even more of it!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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