Playground: Toilet Mod

Playground: Toilet Mod

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Playground: Toilet Mod
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Playground: Toilet Mod Overview


Playground: Toilet Mod is the latest sandbox game online which allows you to do everything you wish you can do in the world of gaming, as you can create your own mini-game, with lots of other new things that we will now invite you to discover, and about which we will tell you more about right now, worry not!

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In the sandbox mode, use characters, fences, bricks, blocks, weapons, spikes, traps, stairs, and anything else you want that is given in the menus at the bottom of the screen, which you can place around, design however you wish, and then you can even play your level.

One of the two mini-games available is a shooting game, where you shoot at one another with ragdolls, having to take down all the targets the computer gives you, or the platform-adventure mode where you jump, climb stairs, have to find keys to open doors and keep advancing through the obstacles, traps, and enemies you encounter.

Use the mouse on computers, and there are touch controls on the screen directly which you can use, don't worry. Start now, play to your heart's content, and don't hesitate to share the game with your friends too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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ЯЮниор - школа программирования

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