Snake Tangle

Snake Tangle

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Snake Tangle
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Snake Tangle Overview


Snake Tangle is a new puzzle and logic game with hypercasual elements and style, which we think is a must-play for all our visitors who want to use their logical skills, as well as their sorting powers, with this game being similar to those puzzle parking games where you need to take cars out of a parking lot, but this time you do it with snakes, as snake games have always stood the test of time!

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In each level, you will have multiple snakes on the screen, which can come in various colors like pink, yellow, green, red, blue, and even grey. They are sitting on the screen tangled with one another, and you need to free each of the snakes until none of them are seen anymore.

Tap or click on a snake to make it move from place, and it will start slithering away. You have to do it in the correct order for the snakes not to hit one another because a snake accident like that causes you to lose the level and you need to start it again from scratch.

The snakes can become bigger, and be put in more complicated shapes, making it more difficult, and there can also be obstacles and roadblocks that you must avoid bumping them into.

You get coins when you finish a level and know that you will earn more of them if you finish the puzzles faster. It's that simple, so we invite you to begin right now, give your absolute best, and then hopefully you will start solving even more of our interesting hypercasual puzzles!

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Use the mouse.

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