Square Jet

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What is Square Jet?

Square Jet

You can never go wrong when you play new and exciting arcade platform games on our website which are all about completing one level after another and improving your skills and your focus, something we're excited to provide you with right now in the form of the awesome mobile-friendly game called Square Jet!

Help your flying square reach its target destination!

To complete each level of the game you have to move with a square and get it to the rotating square portal at the end, because that is how you advance to the next level, and along the way you should strive to collect the three smaller yellow circles so that you get three out of three stars for each level.

You move your square using the arrow keys, with the up arrow key being used for jumping, and if you keep pressing it you can also fly. Make sure not to fall into the water or the various other holes, traps, and obstacles that might appear in your path, because if you die, you have to start the level from scratch.

It goes without saying, but each new level will be a bit more complicated than the one before, but if you focus hard enough, we're sure you will complete them either way. Good luck, and enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the arrow keys.