Squid Game Minecraft

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What is Squid Game Minecraft?

Squid Game Minecraft

The adventure of the Squid Game characters continues in the fascinating Minecraft world in which you will have to continue your survival adventure at a much more aggressive pace because this time the game will throw you into a forest full of elements created in the Minecraft world.

The Squid Game action is on another level in the world of Minecraft

As you probably know, the whole activity in the Squid Game series is intense, for life and death, which is why in this game inspired by Minecraft you will have to know how to use a pistol, a machine gun because you will have to pass all the challenges in the game to survive this mission. Your main mission will be to get to the robot doll in the shortest time possible and without being shot by the Minecraft zombies that are hidden in the forest.

The moment you manage to shoot the monsters that come towards you, you will be rewarded with bonus points that will help you buy new weapons in the game and also improve your clothes, outfit, and objects that you can collect in the game.

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How to play?

Use the arrows or W, A, S, D to move and the mouse to shoot.