Body Race Online

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What is Body Race Online?

Body Race Online

Come play Body Race Online if you want to play an online game where you try to make the best virtual body while staying away from food that makes you fat, which are great skills that might also appear in your real life after you are done with this awesome running game 3d!

Let's win the race towards the best body possible!

Tap and hold the left mouse button while moving it in the direction you want to go, as on the course you should focus to stay away from bad food such as burgers, ice-cream, sweets, and other fattening dishes because if you reach the end and are too fat, you lose the level.

Instead, eat veggies and fruits, and go on treadmills or jump the rope to stay as fit as possible, and if you don't gain too much weight, you get rewards at the end of the levels, such as a sailor uniform or a goth demon boyfriend.

The levels get more difficult as you keep on racing, but we are sure that with enough determination and focus you will be successful and look perfect, just like you want it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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