Babel Tower

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Babel Tower
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What is Babel Tower?

Babel Tower

Babel Tower is one of the best new idle clicker games online on our website, a genre that has only increased in popularity in the last few months, where once again you try to work hard to build something huge, while also being idle at the same time. It is an interesting concept that makes for tons of friv fun to be had, something we invite you to right now, and we will explain more.

How tall can you build the Babel Tower?

You use the mouse to click or the finger to tap on the quarry, which is when you will mine stone. Mining then goes automatically. Use the stone you mine by selling it at the market for gold in return. With the gold and bricks, you can build the quarry to make it bigger, which means that each new click will produce more stone.

You should also improve the capabilities of your transporter, because the more stone it can hold, the bigger your rewards. Keep improving these stats and keep mining so that the tower becomes larger and larger, which gives you more money, more gold, and you will have a better performance.

Start the fun right away, and check out more similar games we've brought you here so far if this one is to your liking!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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