Sheriff Shoot

Sheriff Shoot

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Sheriff Shoot
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Sheriff Shoot Overview


Sheriff Shoot is a new skill and shooting game online that is quite funny, not just fun, thanks to the drunken movements of the avatar that you will control. We're sure you will enjoy it a lot, just like we did, and we're sure that this will only make you hungrier to play our unique daily content!

Shoot with the Sheriff!

In the game's first level there are three bottles that you need to shoot down completely from the platforms, and you hold and release the mouse to do that, which is how you fire your gun, but know that his hand will move about in a crazy manner, so you need to figure out the precise time at which to make your shot.

Only if all your targets have been brought down will you have cleared the level, but if you shoot yourself or run out of bullets, you lose. The fewer bullets you shoot to achieve your goal, the better you are rewarded at the end of the level, with them changing targets one after another, as well as difficulty since challenges are fun.

Let's begin right now, and don't stop here, since it would be a real shame not to see what more surprises we've got in store for you all today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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