Tower of Destiny

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Tower of Destiny
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What is Tower of Destiny?

Tower of Destiny

Tower of Destiny represents one of the best new platform-adventure games on our website, a game of skill and timing with lots of jumping for you to do, and we're absolutely sure that you are going to have a ton of fun doing it, just like it had been true for us, the reason why we're now sharing it with you!

Let's climb the Tower of Destiny!

To climb the tower you control a cube-like character who moves left and right depending on the walls and structure of the dungeon you are in. You need to collect all the gems, open up all the chests, and then a stair will come down for you to climb it to the next floor of the tower.

Now, as you do that, avoid dangers and enemies, as all sorts of traps appear in front of your path because if you lose all three lives, you have to start again. With the gems and rewards, you earn and acquire all sorts of power-ups, bonus items, and new skins for your cube character.

Another tip is that you can kill the monsters by jumping on top of their heads. The best we wish you all, as always, and we hope you aren't stopping here, more fun is always coming down the pipeline of our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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