Bounce Journey

Bounce Journey

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Bounce Journey
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Bounce Journey Overview


Bounce Journey is our latest platform-adventure game online we wish to present you with free of charge on our website, we love to bring along original games created by the users of our website, whom we want to put in the spotlight, just like we will do right now, and we will teach you what and how to do it as well!

Let's start the Bounce Journey online!

Start off by choosing which character you want as your avatar:

  • Princess
  • Rob
  • Isaac
  • May

You then use the arrow keys to move and jump with said character, having to reach the end of each course without falling into the pits and holes, avoiding the traps and obstacles, and getting past them all at any time, since getting completely stuck means having to start again from scratch.

Instead, make sure to collect candy, the stars, and the mushrooms, both for points and for cool power-ups, and know that each new level will feature a world that is bigger and more dangerous than the one before, but that also means having more fun. Let's begin right away, and don't stop here, as you might want to check out on more of our daily games!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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