Castle of Honor

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What is Castle of Honor?

Castle of Honor
The Castle of Honor game is ready to be played here on our website, and you dear kids can see that this is a very special 3D fighting game for boys, in which you will have to defend a japanese castle with japanese warriors.

There will be a lot of 3D warrior characters in this new challenge, and you will have to pick one of them that will be your 3D avatar during this new 3D fighting game. Once you pick your avatar, you will be transported in the Castle of Honor level, where you can see that you will have in front of you another warrior ready to fight in order to win and conquer your castle.

You will have to be very careful and concentrated, because dear kids this is a real 3D fighting challenge, in which you can see that your skills have to be on top of your game. The opponents that you will have will be very fast and powerfull, and they might even have special kicks like a high kick to the head. A very large and sharp sword that he might take out at some point, or a fast combo punch which will make you loose your warrior helmet that protects your head, so you will be more vulnerable.

Because it's a fighting game, each 3D character will have a life bar and a stamina bar, which you will have o pay a very close attention in order to win the battle. The health bar will decrease if you start getting to much punches or kicks, and the stamina bar will help you have stronger hits and punches when it's full.

When you get close to your 3D enemy, you will see that you will have to press the CTRL button in order to lock your target and start clicking on the mouse to perform different attacks based on the mouse direction. Make sure that you will have the most powerfull attacks against your opponent, and so you will defend the Castle of Honor. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the A, S, W, D, CTRL, SPACE and MOUSE to play.

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