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Charge Now Overview

Charge Now is an interesting casual game where you need to plug in all of the devices! Your phones, TVs, and other devices are out of power and you need to plug them all in. You need to solve the puzzle you are given with the power cords and the power connectors.

Of course, there are obstacles in your way. Some power connectors are covered with paper, you need to plug in the hairdryer to blow them away. Sometimes the power bricks of the devices may be large and will cover up another connector, you need to plug them in such a way that they don't interfere.

You also have gates as an obstacle, these gates can be opened by plugging their respective brick in the connector and they'll stay open until you unplug them. You need to move all of the power bricks to the other side to avoid this obstacle.

For completing a level you will get a certain amount of coins. You can use these coins in the shop to unlock a random power brick skin. The random unlock costs 600 coins. Some levels will also feature coins on them that you can collect with the robot vacuum, for example.

Time to plug in your devices!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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