Blob Giant 3D

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What is Blob Giant 3D?

Blob Giant 3D

Running games are already fun, but those with formats such as today's game called Blob Giant 3D have recently become one of the biggest trends when it comes to games for browsers, which is precisely why we are excited to share it with you after the entirety of our administrative team has already had tons of fun with it!

Become the biggest blob giant and get those points!

You will use the mouse to control your blob, moving left and right and trying to become as big and giant as possible, because that is how you get points. To do so, collect other blobs of your color from the tracks, but avoid bumping into those of a different color since they will reduce your size instead of increase it.

You change colors once you get through the lights, and you never know what you might get. Collect coins as well, and then try to multiply them with the jump at the end of each level. Keep tapping to get enough power to make a big jump, because the stairs where you land have multipliers on them.

This means that the higher you get, the more your score will be multiplied, and we hope that no matter how difficult a course might get, you will always aim for a big score. Good luck with that, and we want to wish you the best!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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