Ember Ushi! Idol Incognito!

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What is Ember Ushi! Idol Incognito!?

Ember Ushi! Idol Incognito!

The latest mishap of Ember Ushi is that she got on stage by mistake, and there, an idol group started singing and dancing, which is why you are here to play this Vtuber game called Idol Incognito, where you help her to blend into the band by dancing alongside them without getting caught!

Become an incognito idol with Ember Ushi!

As the idols dance, you will see arrows move on the top of the screen, and when an arrow hits the center, that is when you have to press the identical arrow keys from the keyboard to get your dance move right and keep doing it until the performance is done because if you miss too many moves, you get discovered and lose.

It's a rhythm game with a Vtuber twist, where we are sure you will have the best time possible, just like we did, as we never not have fun with anime streamer girls!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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