Springy Walk

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Springy Walk
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What is Springy Walk?

Springy Walk

Springy Walk is one of the best new hypercasual runner games online with skill elements, which is a bit different from most other additions to this genre, which has risen in popularity quite a lot this year, so this lovely new addition makes perfect sense to end the year with, even if it debuted sometime around the middle of this calendar year.

Let's go on a Springy Walk online!

You are going to use the mouse on PC and the finger on mobile devices to determine how big will the step that the spring takes is, having to alternate lengths in order to keep forging ahead, having to reach the end of each course to win, with the courses becoming increasingly more difficult.

As you walk with the spring, make sure to collect as many diamonds as possible, so you increase your score, but know that if you hit into the spikes or various other kinds of traps that you will encounter along the courses, you lose and have to start that run from the start.

Reach the rainbow platform at the end of a level, and you get to advance to the following one. Now that you know everything, you should be ready to start having fun right now and here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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