Noob vs Pro: Stick War

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What is Noob vs Pro: Stick War?

Noob vs Pro: Stick War

Noob vs Pro: Stick War is a strategy and war game we are delighted to showcase to all our visitors right now, even more so because it is one of the newest Minecraft Games online on our website, where the battle between these two blocky characters resumes right now in a new way, which we have a feeling you are going to love living through!

Who will win the Stick War of Noob vs Pro?

In the wars, use gems to acquire units, such as miners, and warriors, or use Zeus, your god protector for defense, but only for a limited time, as that is a special move. Use miners to get resources, as you need more gems to build a big army, and then spawn warriors to send in battle.

You have your statue to protect against the Pro, whose statue you have to completely tear down to win the war, so protect yours and destroy theirs first to achieve victory. That's the basic premise of this game, which looks great, is easy, and is fun all at the same time, so precisely for that reason you should not be missing out on it for anything in the world!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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