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Do you like Mario games? Play the best Mario Games online for free to help Mario and Luigi complete the following adventures from our online games!

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What are the most popular Mario Games Online?

Friday Night Funkin in Mario's world

FNF fans have created countless mods featuring the main Mario characters. Among the most played are FNF SMG4 – If Mario Was In FNF Mod PackFNF Vs. Bowser: Infernal BoutFNF vs Mario’s Madness (MARIO 85′ / MX / Mario.EXE).

Let's start the first adventure game with Mario and his friends!

As we said, the original story of Mario, the Italian plumber, was based on a platformer story. Mario is an ordinary plumber who is dressed for the job. He always wears a red overall and a cap and even has a little mustache that can be seen under his big nose.

Mario falls in love with a princess dressed in a pink dress, and from 1990, when the first Mario game could be played on a Nintendo console, to 2020, Mario is still trying to save the princess from dinosaurs, evil weeds, dragons, and you will be part of the story through all the Mario adventure challenges that we are going to post, just like inside the adventure games for boys that we already posted for you guys to play for free online.

Because these games are long and dangerous, the Italian plumber might need help to finish adventures, and you can see that in those specific cases, Mario will be able to spawn his loyal friend and helper, Luigi. This name is also trendy throughout the Mario games category, and you will even see that Luigi will have games that can differ from adventures, coloring, education, or even racing with cars or motorcycles.

Enjoy all these games with Mario!

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