KAIJU with Furuya Mari

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What is KAIJU with Furuya Mari?

KAIJU with Furuya Mari

The newest Vtuber to get her own game dedicated for her on our website is none other than Furuya Mari, who needs your help to face off against Kaiju, which is how monsters are called in Japanese, such as Godzilla, who is the most popular example of such a monster.

Collect sea treasure and avoid the KAIJU with Furuya Mari!

You control the little stickmen divers who need your help to grab the sea treasure underneath the monster. Click on the 'Right' button to dive and reach the treasure, and then 'Left' to swim back to the boat. Grab treasure when you reach it, but don't stay there too long, because the sea monster anime girl will send her tentacles and catch you.

If all your three divers get caught, you lose and have to start again from scratch. Good luck, all the best we wish you all, we hope you finish each stage with as many points as possible, always do better, and then keep playing more interesting content from this page dedicated for you only!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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