Desert Eagle Simulator

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What is Desert Eagle Simulator?

Desert Eagle Simulator

Desert Eagle Simulator is a different kind of gun shooting game, because, as the title suggests, it is more of a gun simulation game, where you take the classic American weapon known as the Desert Eagle and learn about its nooks and crannies, this game giving you a glimpse into its mechanic and functions!

Try the safe Desert Eagle Simulator online!

Use the mouse to interact with the gun, shoot it, change the clip with bullets inside of it, lock or unlock the safety, cock it, uncock it, and many more actions that can be made with a gun.

Of course, this is the safest and only way we hope you will ever use a gun, so have fun with this simple game, see why we wanted it here for yourself, and then try out more of our amazing daily games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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