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What are Cartoon Network Games?

There are a lot of funny stories and amazing cartoons live on TV these days, but the most exciting and even the oldest ones that have the highest fan base are the Cartoon Network cartoons that you dear kids can find starting from today here on our website, where you can see that amazing free online games are ready in your favorite cartoon's categories, but all together inside the Cartoon Network games category that we have just posted.

The most popular stories are not all published in 2020, because we have heroes like Ben 10, the Powerpuff Girls the Teen Titans Go, Gumball, Uncle Grandpa or Steven Universe, and you can see that the new stories are welcomed here, and we have Unikitty games, Apple and Onion games, OK KO or Victor and Valentino which are bringing awesome adventures and challenges that you can play for free and because they are 2020 games, they can be played on phones and tablets as well, not only on your computers.

Popular Cartoon Network stories

Even though the Gumball, Ben 10, Adventure Time or Finn and Jake, Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, Uncle Grandpa or Steven Universe are not the latest stories that you can watch on Cartoon Network, you can see that they are very popular, and that they have great adventure games for boys that you can play for free right here on our website. For the new kids on our website that did not catched these stories from the beginning on TV, we have prepared a little introduction in each and every one of these stories that you can be one step closer to understand the story and see how you can finish playing all the games inside the categories.

Ben 10 is one of the most popular categories that Cartoon Network published, and it's still on the lips off kids even though it was first published in 2006. The entire story through the years, because a new Ben 10 movie and series is about to go live in 2020 is all around a teenage boy, that over night starts to be a superhero that fights against aliens, monsters and villains all over the world to keep our planet safe. Ben 10 found an alien watch called the Omnitrix one night while he was camping with his uncle and his cousin. That's the night Ben, a 12 year old boy started to be Ben 10, the teenage superhero boy that has the ability to transform into real aliens from different planets. The Omnitrix had 10 different types of alien powers inside, and for a limited amount of time, while the Omnitrix had energy, Ben could change into the aliens and fight against all the evils from space that came to Earth to take over the planet and take away the Omnitrix from Ben 10.

The Powerpuff Girls are the same, another old Cartoon Network story that had a big impact on all the 2000' kids that started growing up looking at the story of three little girls that had superpowers, and which' city started to get destroyed by all kinds of monsters and villains. As you can see, the Powerpuff Girls are not ordinary girls, because they are not even real girls, even though they look like real girls, go to school, learn and have a lot of fun playing with dolls in their room. The Powerpuff Girls were created by their father inside his lab. Profesor X was a brilliant scientist that was feeling lonely, so he thought that he could create his own kids, but the formula got corrupted, and so there was an explosion in his laboratory and so the Powerpuff Girls got created. Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup have three different colors and look a little different. Bubbles has a blue outfit and yellow hair, Blossom has a pink dress and red hair and Buttercup has a green outfit and dark hair. Their main enemy in the story will be a villain chimp that is called Mojo Jojo, but there will be other villains like the Gangreen Gang, the Princess or Him, which will appear from now and then and try to defeat the Powerpuff Girls.

Another clasic story from the Cartoon Network world is the Teen Titans Go, in which all the boys can relate with teenage superheroes that live alone in their superhero tower that is shaped as a T from Teen Titans. These superheroes might be already very popular and you might know them, because they have other stories where they are the main characters or just sidekicks like Robin from the Batman story, or Cyborg from the Robocop story, but we are sure that you will have a great time playing with all of these little superheroes. Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire are the five teenagers that live together and call themselves the Teen Titans. They all have different powers and abilities which makes them a unique team. Robin is the only 100% human in the group, and odly he is in charge and leads the Teen Titans Go characters in all of their superhero mission even though he has no superpowers. Beast Boy is a green boy from another planet that has the ability to change in whatever animal he saw in real life, Cyborg is a half human half robot that can change different body ports in weapons or shields. The two girls of the group are going to be Raven, a little shy girl that keeps a lot to herself that can control objects and people with her mind and Starfire is an alien girl that can fly and has laser powers that she can control with her hands and eyes.

Gumball cannot be forgotten in the list of classic Cartoon Network stories, because even in 2020, Gumball has new episodes aired on the TV network that you dear kids can watch. The entire story is around Gumball and his friend Darwin, which are 12 years old, and they go to the same school, live nearby and evne though they are very smart, every day when they meet, they come up with new adventures and little experiments that can get them hurt, so they need constant checkins and even help to go pass all the obstacles that their adventures will have and you can help them playing the Gumball games and help them finish each level of each game.

We are sure that you have seen at least one episode of the Regular Show from Cartoon Network. This is a story that has two main characters, Mordecai and Rigby, which are best friends for 23 years and counting. Mordecai is a blue jay bird and Rigby is a racoon, that are drawn and animated, so they look very real and even have fun voices that make the kids love them even more. Both of the friends will work as groundkeepers in a park, where they work as few as possible, instead they come up with funny games that they can play with each other or bring other friends inside the park and try to beat them at games that already exists or funny games that Mordecai and Rigby invented on the spot, which will often go bad and they get in all kinds of trouble and more often into a lot of funny scenarios.

2020 Cartoon Network stories

Starting from 2020, Cartoon Network has published a lot of new little stories and even full year long series that you dear kids can watch. These new stories are for both girls and boys, and some of them will make you want to start looking for amazing games with your new favorite characters, and they can all be found right here in the Cartoon Network games category that we have just published.

One of these new stories is the Apple and Onion series, in which you dear kids can see that two main characters will try to make you laugh as much as possible in each and every one of their episodes. The main characters will be Apple and Onion, which are exactly as the name says, an Apple and an Onion looking boys that are best friends that live together. Apple and Onion have an english accent which makes them even funnier when they get mad and try to explain their friends different theories of the world ending, conspiracy theories and raging when their friends have fun without inviting them. All the characters inside the Apple and Onion story will look like food, and Apple and Onion's friends are Hot Dog, French Frie, Cotton Candy and Burger, whith whom you are starting to meet once you go inside the Apple and Onion category and see how many fun adventure games and challenges these new characters have prepared for you to play even on your mobile phones and tablets.

Stories like OK KO! Let's be Heroes can be also see on Cartoon Network, and this story is going to take place in the future, in the year of 201X, in a very retro-futuristic setting, in which one of the character, K.O is trying and working hard to become a great hero of the story. K.O is currently working at a bodega, which is a neighbourhood small supermarket in which anybody can come and buy groceries, but at the same time, KO trains to become a hero, just like his mentor, Mr. Gar, who has a supply shop in Lakewood Plaze. K.O is not going to be alone in this new story, and you can see that Radicles and Enid are tho of his best friends who also work with him at the bodega, and Enid is one step in front of K.O, because she is already a ninja, and she is pushing K.O further and further in his training.

Another popular show that you can start playing games from is the Craig of the Creek story, in which you can see that a little boy named Craig Williams is the main character, and he is going to wait for you here on our website with a lot of fun and exciting games for boys and girls alltogether and for you to play with them and have a great time. Craig will be always with his two friends Kelsey Pokoly and John Paul who is also called J.P through the story. The story is going to take place near the creek, which is described to be one of the best places that the kids on our website can start playing and have a great time without any adults to stop them from having fun in whatever mather they think, and so started the story of Craig of the Creek. You can be one step closer to Craig and his friends and all the other characters by finding the category and start playing our Craig of the Creek online games.

There are not a lot of female based stories, but for all the powerfull little girls of 2020, the DC Superhero Girls story is one of the most interesting, because dear kids they are a group of female superheroes that you might know from different other stories, series, movies or comic books that came together to fight against crime. Inside the DC Superhero Girls you will see that there are superheroes like Catwoman from the Batman and Catwoman movies made by DC Comics, Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad and the 2020 Birds of Prey movie in which she is the main characters and seeks to show that women empowerment amoung heroes is real. Wonder Woman, Supergirl which is the female version of Superman, which has her own Supergirl series in which she is Superman's cousin is also part of the gang. Green Lantern, Bumblebee and Zatanna are the superhero girls that all go to the same highscool, and you will see that they will try to defeat even since high school their nemesis like Harley Quinn, Star Sapphire, Poison Ivy, Livewire, Catwoman, Giganta, Cheetah, Lex Luthor, Lena Luthor or Deathstroke.

A story of two teenage brothers might sound dull, but once you say that the brothers are living a magic summer in the middle of Mexico City with their grandma is starting to shine and sound better and better. The story of Victor and Valentino is one of the first 2020 Cartoon Network series that we wanted to present for you, and once you get to know the two brothers that even though are very different, they love each other and they want to do all their adventures together. Victor and Valentino are spending their summer vacation in Monte Macabre at their grandma, who started to tell stories about witches, wizzard and magic alltogether, and that cought the brothers attention that the stories might be true, so they went in a great adventure during the summer to seek as many magic places that their grandma told them in her stories.

One of the most popular stories in 2020 that Cartoon Network has presented is named Unikitty. This new story mainly for girls is starring a pink unicorn princess called Unikitty, and it's one of the few Cartoon Network stories that has princesses in them, which made the kids even more interested in the stories. The fact that Unikitty is a pink unicorn helped a lot, because all the girls around the world love unicorns and ponies, and if it's pink, that's just considered a big plus. Unikitty is the princess in Unikingdom, where she has a lot of misadventures with her little brother prince Puppycorn, Dr. Fox the scientist and Hawkodie the bodyguard. Unikitty has to protect the Unikingdom against Master Frown which rules Frown Town, based on the edge of Unikingdom.

The story of Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart is a 2020 released series, in which the main character is a black cat dressed as a ninja. Mao Mao is the name of the ninja cat, and he is fierless and manages to get out of all the skicky situations that he gets into through all of his adventures as a sheriff. Mao Mao lost his tail in a fight against a dragon, and now he has two sidekicks, Adorabat and Badgerclops, which will be a little blue bat character that is no older than 5, but he wants to grow up and be a hero just like Mao Mao. Badgerclops is the sheriff's friend and deputy for a longer time than Adorabat, and they have been together through several adventures, and now they are stuck in a little town called Pure Heart Valley, where they remaind and try to keep the town safe from all the tiger and snake characters that try to destroy the city.

What's still playing on Cartoon Network?

In 2020 - Teen Titans Go, Craig of the Creek, DC Superhero Girls and Victor and Valentino are the Hot series.

What are some old Cartoon Network series?

The Simpsons which started in 1989.
The Flinstones which started in 1960 and aired until 1963.
Looney Tunes.
Schooby Doo which started in 1969 and is still live in 2020.

How old do I have to be to watch Cartoon Network?

Kids between 9 and 15 watch Cartoon Network.

Which are the most popular Cartoon Network show?

Looney Tunes, Road Runner, Family Guy, The Flinstones and Ben 10.

What series with animals can I watch?

You can try Unikitty, Tom and Jerry or Looney Tunes.

How does Unikitty look like?

Unikitty is a unicorn princess that is colored pink and has a multi colored horn.

Who is the latest hero or superhero on Cartoon Network?

Without a doubt, Mao Mao and his sidekis are the latest 2020 heroes that Cartoon Network has to offer.