Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers
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Kingdom Rush Frontiers Overview


Kingdom Rush Frontiers is going to be a game that no fans of tower defense games online, and fans of strategy games, in general, should be missing out on, since it is one of the best that this genre has to offer, something we can attest from our own time with it, the main reason for sharing it with you, which is how we can now explain what you've got to do!

Let's protect the Kingdom Rush Frontiers online!

Start off by choosing if you want to play in the casual, normal, or veteran modes of difficulty, but if you're a newcomer, make sure that you start with the first one. Of course, no matter the choice, each new battle that you will take part in will be more difficult than the last, but your strategist skills will also improve through playing the game.

You've got to use the funds available to you to add defensive towers on the roads that take towards the castle you are protecting, and its kingdom, of course, which can have archers, ballistic cannons, magical powers, or barracks with knights ready to swing their swords.

Place them in good spots, and make sure to defeat a wave of enemies, get your cash reward, and use that gold to buy even more defenses, since the next wave that is coming is even more dangerous, with the power levels of the foes increasing as well. If enemies crash into the castles, you lose.

Let's see if you can become the ultimate kingdom protector, get past all the frontiers, and be a great strategist right now!

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Use the mouse.

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