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What are Strategy Games?

Newest Strategy Games you will find just the where you also and give you the finest strategy games, thinking and planning so you manage to get as far away as military missions, wars that you have and why not to become perhaps the best and most power fighter of all time. In strategic games category you will need attention, to track all movements made by the enemy because the only way you manage to defeat him. You must pay attention to the resources they have, because they are limited and you can not take advantage of them or use them without thinking if you absolutely need them. In this strategy game you must give proof of patience because so you have the opportunity to better prepare an attack to defeat opponent as a defense or to stop enemy attacks. Great care and attention to the various tests where the strategy is not the only thing you need to address it, trying to find new solutions that manage to reach the top players, strategically built to pass tests in each mission. Soldiers and soldiers in wars and battles that you have to treat them with care are strong enough, but you will have to work on various tools and weapons that give them value and with whom to gain increasingly more direct the work activities and levels. Friv-games team wishes you success in various battles of strategy that you will address and why do you expect with a comment and a Like if you believe that games are provided free of charge to your liking. In these games in strategy games I suggest you try to collect as many points as you can so have the chance to enter the top of the best players. To manage this feat have to work a lot, so do not rush to judgment, because it is not as easy as it seems.