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What are Crazy Games?

CrazyGames is a website that develops some of the craziest games out there, pun intended, and we could not have missed the chance of finding a place for all of them on our website, making it easier than ever for the crazy fans of them to play them, hence why right now you are invited to check this page out in its entirety, men and boys especially, since you are guaranteed to find something you really enjoy in just a few clicks, maybe directly from the first page.

Learn why our CrazyGames online unblocked are simply the best!

One genre that is quite predominant here is that of car games online in 3D, mostly with racing, but also free driving ones, or games where you can do stunts, and maybe even destroy some cars. Here are a few examples:

CrazyGames multiplayer experiences are also a highlight, as many of their creations allow you to connect with players from all across the world in racing one another, shooting one another, and maybe even working together. Don't believe us? See just how amazing Pixel Shooter Online is! This also doubles down as one of its 2 player games, as it also has the local mode where you can play from the same machine, making things even easier.

Now that the 'S' word has been said, we have to jump to crazygames shooting games online, the next big genre that is found here quite often, with other cool examples for you being:

Of course, the category expands way further than that, as you can play business management games like Zoo Island, hypercasual games in 3D such as Mutant Escape, or even strategy games with tower defense elements such as the classic series of Bloons Tower Defense Games.

There are tons of other possibilities, and we hope that you continue to dig deeper into this category yourselves, the best way to find the picks of the day that best reflect your tastes, and that is how you get to play the games you enjoy the most, always in the highest possible quality, as you should expect from this category moving forward!