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What are Horror Games?

Let’s enter the frightening world of Horror Games and escape it with our virtual lives because only if we face our fears are we to become more powerful, more courageous, and ready to face off any kinds of things life throws our way. Of course, you might be scared of real-life things such as spiders, snakes, small places, heights, water, flying, and more, since everyone has some kind of phobia, but there are also non-proven things that can instill fear in us: ghosts, monsters, demons, and more.

Well, horror media has masterfully managed over the years to make us have scary times that are safe since no matter how realistic a movie, cartoon, or video game looks, they are not real. While watching Saw, Freddy Kruger, Jason from Friday the 13th, Dracula, the Scream Killer, or the demons from The Conjuring, it is even more fun and scary to deal with them directly and face them, the best way to get over your fear of them!

This is where our amazing scary games online come in, where not only many iconic horror characters have become antagonists for you to face directly, but there are also tons of original monsters that you will face, some urban legends, some having been born on the internet!

How to play horror-survival games online unblocked:

The majority of entries on this page will feature your character with an avatar that you control in a first-person view, since that is way scarier, as the monsters jump directly in front of you, and it makes your immersion bigger.

There is usually a set of keys you use to move, jump, or sprint ahead, keys to crouch, because that is what you do to hide from peril, and with the mouse you usually interact with items around you, open doors, solve puzzles, or use knives, bats, guns, saws, and other weapons to defeat the horrific enemies.

Sometimes you are being chased by the monsters, sometimes you have to look for them, and many times there is also a mystery to solve, which you do by collecting clues, or people to save because they have kidnapped someone close to you.

Some games are not that dynamic but instead focus more on puzzle-solving elements, where only if you are smart enough will you not get scared or killed by the creatures, with one such great example being that of TrollFace Quest Games.

We would also definitely invite you to check out the sister category of this one, Halloween Games since that is the holiday of scares and fright, where you can find ghouls, ghosts, zombies, witches, werewolves, vampires, demons, and the like, just like here you can as well!

Meet the scariest monsters in our Horror Games free!

While this page is quite extensive, there are still some monsters and entries that set themselves apart from the others, resulting in some of the most popular games this page has to offer, with some of them also having their own solo categories we recommend checking out:

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: You work as the security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, where you have to survive five nights of horror, because the cute animatronics of the day turn into deadly dolls during the night, and they want to kill you!
  • Slenderman: This is a monster that is synonymous with Creepypasta Games, a man with a really tall and long body, with no face, just white skin, who wears a suit, and who has scared children on the internet a few years ago. Slenderina is his female version and wife, she might be even scarier than him.
  • Momo: She is a long-faced, bug-eyed girl with dark hair who originated as a misshaped doll whose photo circulated on the internet and now haunts our nightmares.
  • Poppy Playtime: This is a monster that looks like a huge fuzzy blue doll that is haunting the factory where it used to be manufactured.
  • Granny: she is not your cute and friendly grandma who makes you dinner, but a raging murderer.
  • Other notable characters you will find in our horror games online 3d can be Jeff the Killer, The Syren Monsters, Slendytubbies, the Evil Nun, Mr. Meat, and many more...

You might feel not up to it, but remember that this is only virtual, and if you can overcome the fears instilled in you through these gaming experiences, your day will instantly become better and you will be able to face whatever it throws at you!