Most Voted Games

Are you curious about which is the most voted game?

There are many ways through which the visitors of our website can categorize the games they find here, in addition to the fact that they are split into categories that divide the games into various genres, formats, or they are based around the inspiration that came into making them, such as shows, movies, games, children’s books, anime, comics, and many more.

But, if you want to see a comprehensive look on what people are playing when they come over to, then this page that features the website’s Most Voted Games is one of the best places to be. Now, you no longer need to bother looking for what our best games are, since they are already gathered here!

This page is a sister page to the Most Played Games page, and the reason why there are two of these pages is now going to be explained, with the main difference between them being the way that games are classified and arranged in a top. For that page, it matters how many clicks were made on that game, for this one, it’s about reaction.

On our website, underneath the game you see two buttons, a thumbs up, which stands for like, and a thumbs down, which stands for unlike. After kids or adults try a game, they are encouraged to hit the like or unlike buttons, depending if they liked or not the game. This way, the games with the most likes appear on this page.

Also, we’ve also got a favorite button, so if a game has been favorited many times by users, it might also become part of this ranking, and another metric that really matters here is that of the comments a game gets, so the more comments it has, and the more people interacted with it and left their opinions on, the bigger are the chances you will find it here.

Some of the most voted games of our website include:

In addition to the usual suspects, meaning games from popular categories such as Friday Night Funkin, GTA, FNAF, or Death Note, you will see that this page includes lots of Minecraft Games, Subway Surfers Games, Fireboy and Watergirl Games, Frozen Games, Miraculous Games, and more.

Of course, trends change with time, some games become less popular, while others skyrocket in the public eye, which is why the games found on this page can change year by year, month by month, week after week, and maybe even daily.

Still, you will find that this page is a beacon of light when you are not decided what to play, and even if you were to choose a game from this page to play at random, you will still be guaranteed lots of fun from start to finish.

Do you think people vote and favorite bad games? They never do so, which is why we hope you will trust us and your fellow players that visit us, and check out the games on this page right now, having a guaranteed good time!